SOUTHERN DISTILLERIES LTD, the worlds most southern distillery produces Hokonui Moonshine, Single Malt and Blended Malt Whiskeys.

Southern New Zealands Hokonui Moonshine has a infamous past, and is now enshrined in the countrys folklore. Distilled illegally from the 1850’s right through the 1950’s when the last moonshiner was prosecuted.

Today Old Hokonui Whiskey is distilled by Southern Distilleries Ltd using Murdoch McRaes original 1892 recipe.

At Southern Distilleries both traditional and modern methods are employed to produce full flavoured smoked peat single malts from 400 L and 1000L copper pot stills. The whiskys are matured on both recharred bourbon and smoked oaks while the blends are given further time to age and develop.

The distillery has also produced a fine straight corn whisky and molasses based rums for individual trade customers.

We take pride in our hand crafted spirits where quality never takes second place.


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