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About Southern Distilleries Ltd

Southen Distilleries Ltd was formed by Malcolm Willmott and Peter Wheeler to consolidate the distilling operations of their two companies, leaders in boutique distillation in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific for the past 25 years.

Located in Timaru, South Canterbury the new distillery complex takes over all the Hokonui Moonshine production previously centered in Otago and combines the rum and corn whiskey production from the North.

Our spirit range is specialised to collectors, enthusiasts and those who just enjoy a fine spirit. While SDL Whiskies and rums are produced in the traditional manner, all have characters different to other distilleries and are proudly labelled Spirit of New Zealand.

Both the still house and cask room are housed in century old brick buildings ideal for moderating the -5C to +25C Canterbury climate.
While distillery tours are planned, visitors to the region must see the Hokonui Moonshine Museum in Gore., details are given in the Hokonui section.

Our motto is Taste and Enjoy, so be it!

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Hokonui Moonshine Museum
16 Hokonui Drive, Gore
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