The Coaster
40% ab/v
Single Malt

The Southern West Coast is as wild today as 150 years ago,the rush of gold miners, lumberjacks, and coal miners has now passed by leaving a scattering of semi ghost towns, regenerating forest and wild rain storms.

The hard characters that survived this time are legendary even in the 1850’s the bushmen reverted to boiling seaweed and boot leather for food.

Hard Liquor at this time was often shipped directly into the gold fields from Sydney but 'grog' a blinding brew of an alcohol, rum, tobacco with perhaps a drop of acid to give it a kick was made locally.

Puna Kei Kei Cast Westland

Following the miners came the girls, the stores the breweries and finally the moonshiners. West Coast Shine was known for its ‘saltiness’ as the mashes and still fires were fuelled by driftwood and seaweed. The best of them had portable copper stills transported from camp to camp by horse and dray. While the whiskey was always fresh judgement was made on its tang and the way the spirit clung to the sides of the glass.

At Southern Distilleries today we again employ the traditional driftwood /seaweed fuel to scorch the malted barley and char the oak. The single malt that ages with this oak absorbs an unique character making it ideal to drink alone or with a drop of water.

Like the MacKenzie this whiskey is not chill filtered nor does it contain any colouring.

Abandoned Gold Dredge - Gallespies Beach
Tasting Notes:
Colour Deep golden amber
Nose Grain, smoke and peak notes
Flavour Full, rich whiskey, smokey, caramel
Finish Smooth, lasting
Bottle Size 750ml and 50ml
Origins of The Coaster

Coaster Single Malt Whiskey is produced from malted barley including South Island grown grain. The rich peat and smoke wood used in the barley and oak conditioning process is of West Coast Origin.
The Coaster

   The Coaster

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The Coaster

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