The MacKenzie
40% ab/vol
Blended Malt

The inland basins and valleys of Canterbury and Otago lead up to the 1000 mile long chain of the Southern Alps. Notable for its harsh winters and hot dry summers this area remains isolated even today and brings hardships no different to the 1850’s.

The region is named after a famous Scottish shepherd and his equally famous dog. Folklore relates him helping himself to some of the vast merino sheep flocks in the region. In 1855 he cut out 1000 ewes and drove them over a secret mountain pass. Pursued for many miles he was arrested and gaoled (and later pardoned)

Today his exploits are remembered throughout the region with statues and plaques. whiskey was the preferred drink of the run holders, shepherds and shearing gangs and a bottle was often the bonus for a job well done. All this whiskey was imported, the casks of Scottish malt being blended and cut in bond stores up and down the coast. The best of these are recalled being light, fragrant and ‘held onto the glass’

In recreating a whiskey from a century ago Southern Distilleries have produced a blend that retains a high percentage of single malt to give good aroma and flavour. This blend of grain and malt whiskey is then oak aged. The MacKenzie is not chill filtered and has no colours added.

Tasting Notes:  
Colour Light golden amber
Nose Simple grain, light caramel, oak
Flavour Light, refreshing
Finish Smooth, clean
Bottle Size 750ml and 50ml

Origins of The MacKenzie

MacKenzie blended Malt Whiskey is produced from malted barley including Canterbury grown grain. The water used in the fermentation and bottling process is drawn from the River which flows from the MacKenzie Basin.

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