The Southerner
Aged Malt Whiskey Liqueur

In the shadow of new Zealand's Alpine peaks Southern Distilling handcrafts a unique SIngle Malt Whiskey. After extended aging in charred oak casks a portion is selected for Southern Liqueur.

The selected malt whiskey is vatted with Southern grown Mint, a portion of wild Manuka Honey and Tropical Ginger then allowed to age natrually. This ageing is essential for the individual flavours to marry and develop.

The Southerner is an exceptionally smooth and contented liqueur with the hint of honey sweetness and the aroma of wild mint. The liqueur's softness is highlighted by a ginger freshness.

Perfect by itself, delicious over ice with a drop of soda.

Presented with pride in a unique decanter to complement any setting.

The Southerner
23.9% Alc/Vol
9.75 Standard Drinks


The Southerner Creme
NZ Malt Whiskey Liqueur blended with cream Wild honey and herbs

The special blend allows the character of the single malt to develop fully into a fine whiskey cream – smooth and rich, with a distinctive whiskey flavour.

The Southerner Cream is superb over ice or in a cocktail.


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